Conspicuous without All the Consumption

Karma Revero


Feel the endless torque produced by dual electric motors. Exhilarating. Smooth. Satisfying.

Karma Revero

Extended Range

Drive less than 50 miles a day? You will never buy gas. More? Feed the engine, and it will recharge the battery to provide 300 miles of range.


A luxury performance car with the spirit of a GT. Calm, planted, and composed at speed.

Karma Revero
Karma Revero


6 Piston calipers. Combined with regenerative braking. It feels good to be in control.

Karma Revero

Our Brains and Our Brawn

The Revero is about feel, not numbers. No knowledge of its 0-60 time will help you define its allure. We can and will quote impressive vehicle technical specs. But we would rather state our performance story differently: we have enough. To move you. In every way.

These aren't the "big" stories we share in press releases. They are the smaller, more personal stories about our journey that we share with insiders only.

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Karma Revero

Our Space

Minimally tanned leather. Unlacquered reclaimed wood trim. Little jewels everywhere you look. Every element contributing to a sensual experience.

Ours and ours only

Our solar roof powers the car. Our badges are all hand-painted. Both industry firsts.


The badges on each Revero are hand-painted, one at a time. No other car company has ever done this. Consider it a small but symbolic statement about craftsmanship and individuality.

Solar Roof

Leave your car at the airport for a week and drive home on the power of the sun. Drive 500-1000 miles per year on what Mother Nature provides.


Vehicle Type Extended-Range Electric Vehicle
Frame/Construction Aluminum
Torque 981 ft.-lbs
Power 403 HP
Battery Capacity 21kWh
Charge Time 24 minutes, to 80% state of charge, when hooked to 40 KW DC/DC charger
Driving Range Up to 50 miles all electric range, and up to 300 miles total
Solar Roof Output 200w

Driving ranges are based on EPA estimates and are intended for comparison purposes only. Your actual mileage will vary depending on use conditions, including vehicle configuration, battery age and condition, tire pressure, passenger weight, driving style and operation, environmental and climate conditions and other factors.

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We are not for everybody, and we never will be.
No one needs a product like this.
We exist for those who have to have one.

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