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Karma Automotive joins the climate pledge on journey to net-zero carbon by 2040

IRVINE, Calif. (April 21,2021) – Karma Automotive announced today the company has joined The Climate Pledge, committing to become net carbon neutral by 2040. This commitment encompasses its production facility, supply chain partners and product lineup which includes vehicles powered by both hybrid and pure electric powertrains and propulsion systems. Karma continues to align with partners that share the same philosophy on protecting the environment and investing in research […]

Karma Automotive launches GS-6 Series, driving consumer passion for electric vehicles in “new luxury” segment

Please note that specifications and pricing of the new Karma GS-6 series as mentioned in this release are US specific. We will soon inform you about European launch timing as well as pricing and specifications of the new GS-6 series. IRVINE, Calif. (February 22, 2021) – The next evolution of sophisticated luxury is here with the introduction […]

Karma Automotive continues global retail expansion with new retail outlet in Iceland

Irvine, Calif. (Feb. 09, 2020) – Karma Automotive today announced the opening of its newest addition to its global dealer network: Karma Iceland. Karma Iceland is operated by Karma Rafbilar ehf., a premier company owned by a group of investors who have been involved in the electric vehicle market in Iceland since 2009. This new retail […]

Karma Automotive and Blue World Technologies to collaborate on fuel cell propulsion system

Blue World Technology’s fuel cell system will be integrated with Karma Automotive’s electric vehicle architecture and piloted in GS-6 development vehicles for evaluation purposes. Testing and validation will take place in the United States and Denmark over the next few months. An electric vehicle powered by methanol fuel cells provides the same convenience as fueling […]